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  1. Cover page (per APA guidelines)
  1. Introduction (1 paragraph)
  1. Describe and summarize the problem, its effects on health and most affected/at-risk population.
  1. Synthesis of available literature/guidelines (1 page)
  1. Based on the literature, summarize the most common environmental, individual and agent factors that increase the risk of this health problem.
  1. Analysis of available evidence-based primary, secondary or tertiary prevention efforts to address this health problem (1 page)
  1. Based on the literature, which primary, secondary or tertiary prevention effort has been shown to be most effective / cost effective or practical for the population identified as being most affected / at risk?
  1. Conclusion (1 paragraph)
  1. Based on 3 and 4, which risk factor do you think should be addressed and which prevention strategy/level of prevention do you think might be most practical and effective for this population?


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