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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Early Childhood Education Professional Development: Training and Technical Glossary (Links to an external site.) to understand the importance of Professional Development within this profession.

Your lead teacher is overseeing professional development this year and has asked you to take over this task. She has started by gathering a few options that would be beneficial for the team. Review the options she has chosen and choose one you think will be of interest to your team.

Available Options:

You truly need to reflect on your choice before sharing this with your new colleagues. Review your options and respond to the following questions by completing a short PowerPoint (three slides) “selling” your choice.

In your PowerPoint (Links to an external site.), address the following questions:

In your discussion, answer the following questions:

Resources to help below: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

TURNITIN SCORE MUST BE AT OR BELOW 30%. As this will be checked once you complete discussion and powerpoint slide.



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