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Norms on Social Media



Prompt: After reading the two assigned articles: Buehler (2017) and Wombacher, Reno and Veil (2017) about communication norms on social media, consider a social media platform, or several platforms, that you have participated actively on. Then answer the following questions, referencing at least one concept from each article (two concepts minimum) in your answer.

What are some of the norms associated with those platforms?

Which norms do you believe most influence your behavior on social media platform(s)? How? Why?

Have you ever violated those norms, and why? What were the reactions of others?

Have you ever seen others violate those norms? What were your reactions? What were the reactions of others?

How do you believe those norms developed and were communicated? Do they, or do you think they will change?

Format: Cite at least two specific points from this week’s course materials to support your analysis of your own behaviors. Initial posts should include the original prompt/question as a header in bold; write a post of 250 words minimum.



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