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These are the movies
Artin, N., Deeter, J., Devlin, D., Gibney, A., Olschan, R., Peak, K., Weiss, K. (Producer) & Paine, C. (Writer/Director). (2006). Who killed the electric car? [Motion picture]. United States: Plinyminor.  Bakshi, M., De Luca, M., Horovitz, R., Karsch, A. S., Phillips, A., Pitt, B., Rudin, S. (Producer) & Miller, B. (Director). (2011). Moneyball [Motion picture]. United States: Columbia Pictures.  Baratta, R., Goldsmith-Thomas, E., Roth, J., Schiff, P., & Schindler, D. (Producers) & Newell, M. (Director). (2003). Mona Lisa smile [Motion picture]. United States: Revolution Studios.  Barber, G., Birnbaum, R., Bostick, M., Brubaker, J. D., Carrey, J., Fields Hill, L., Wattles, J. L. (Producer) & Shadyac, T. (Director). (2003). Bruce almighty [Motion picture]. United States: Universal Pictures.  Bass, R., Brookwell, D., Deege, R., Galindez, R. S., Hamilton, B., Hamilton, N., Zelon, D. (Producer) & McNamara, S. (Writer/Director). (2011). Soul surfer [Motion picture]. United States: Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment.  Bender, L., Burns, S. Z., Chilcott, L., Guggenheim, D., Ivers, J. D., Lennard, L., Weyermann, D. (Producer) & Guggenheim, D. (Director). (2006). An inconvenient truth [Motion picture]. United States: Lawrence Bender Productions.  Bluestein, B., Cercone, J., Manheim, M., Picker, D. V., Pugliese, R. J., & Singleton, R. S. (Producers) & Pearce, R. (Director). (1992). Leap of faith [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.  Bostick, M., Grazer, B., Hallowell, T., Porter, A. L., Velis, L., & Orleans, L. (Producers) & Howard, R. (Director). (1995). Apollo 13 [Motion picture]. United States: Universal Pictures.  Bourne, T. M., Cochran, Y. T., Hodenfield, K. C., Johnson, B., Kosove, A. A., Netter, G.,…Wegner, S. P. (Producer) & Hancock, J. L. (Writer/Director). (2009). The blind side [Motion picture]. United States: Alcon Entertainment.  Boyd, S. J., Bradshaw, J., Druyan, A., Obst, L., Porras, R., Sagan, C., Zemeckis, R. (Producer) & Zemeckis, R. (Director). (1997). Contact [Motion picture]. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures.  Brest, M., Costas, C. D., Schwary, R. L., & Wally, D. J. (Producers) & Brest, M. (Director). (1998). Meet Joe Black [Motion picture]. United States: City Light Films.  Burry, C., Darling, P., Pitman, R., & Ross, D. (Producers) & Pitman, R. (Writer/Director). (2011).  A norml life [Motion picture]. United States: 7thScreen.  Connery, S., King, J., Mark, L., Tollefson, R., & Wolf, D. (Producers) & Van Sant, G. (Director). (2000). Finding Forrester [Motion picture]. United States: Columbia Pictures Corporation.  Cort, R. W., Duncan, P. S., Field, T., James, J., Kroopf, S., Nolin, M., & Teitler, W. (Producers) & Herek, S. (Director). (1995). Mr. Holland’s opus [Motion picture]. United States: Hollywood Pictures.  Crockett, D., De Fina, B., Dembrowski, C., Depp, J., Headington, T., Kacandes, G.,Tillinger Koskoff, E. (Producer) & Scorsese, M. (Director). (2011). Hugo [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.  Downer, J., Fleder, G., Mankiewicz, C., Milchan, A., & Brown, S. (Producers) & Fleder, G. (Director). (2003). Runaway jury [Motion picture]. United States: Regency Enterprises.  Elvin, W. M., Grisham, J., Lowry, H., Milchan, A., & Nathanson, M. G. (Producers) & Schumacher, J. (Director). (1996). A time to kill [Motion picture]. United States: Regency Enterprises.  Feldman, E. S., Niccol, A., Pleshette, L., Rothschild, R. L., & Rudin, S. (Producers) & Weir, P. (Director). (1998). The Truman show [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.  Fried, R. N., Friedman, J. I., Mayes, L. R., Mintz, A. J., Pizzo, A., Woods, C., & Zinman, R. J. (Producers) & Anspaugh, D. (Director). (1993). Rudy [Motion picture]. United States: TriStar Pictures.  Grazer, B., Hallowell, T., Howard, R., Kehela, K., McGill, K., Peyrot, M., Velis, L. (Producer) & Howard, R. (Director). (2001). A beautiful mind [Motion picture]. United States: Universal Pictures.  Haft, S., Henderson, D., Junger Witt, P., & Thomas, T. (Producers) & Weir, P. (Director). (1989). Dead poets society [Motion picture]. United States: Touchstone Pictures.  Launer, D., & Schiff, P. (Producers) & Lynn, J. (Director). (1992). My cousin Vinny [Motion picture]. United States: Palo Vista Productions.  Mercer, S., Rodriguez, J. L., Rudin, S., & Shyamalan, M. N. (Producers) & Shyamalan, M. N. (Writer/Director). (2004). The village [Motion picture]. United States: Touchstone Pictures.  Morley, J., Pederson, D., Pederson, D., Spurlock, M., & Winters, H. M. (Producers) & Spurlock, M. (Writer/Director). (2004). Super size me [Motion picture]. United States: Kathbur Pictures.  Pakula, A. J. (Producer) & Mulligan, R. (Director). (1962). To kill a mockingbird [Motion picture]. United States: Universal International Pictures.  Polk, M., Khouri, C., O’Brien, D., & Scott, R. (Producers) & Scott, R. (Director). (1991). Thelma & Louise [Motion picture]. United States: Pathé Entertainment.
Unit II Essay

Film Essay

The movies in Unit II all deal with major decision making. Start by identifying your movie selection and providing a brief synopsis of the core issue. What was the main character’s goal? What major decision needed to be made, and by whom? What was the process? What were the problems or roadblocks? Then, discuss your analysis of the final outcome. This should be no more than half of your essay.

In the second part of your essay, analyze your own decisions that have been important in your life. What is your process for making these kinds of decisions? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that process for you? This part of your think piece should be focused on the process, not on details about your decisions.

Your essay should be no less than two full pages in length. If you use outside sources, please cite and reference them according to APA standards.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.



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