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part 1

Select a theatre review from either of the websites below:

The New York Times — Arts — Theatre section: http://www.nytimes.com/pages/theater/index.html


Theatre’s Leiter Side blog: http://slleiter.blogspot.com/

Write a 350 word essay critiquing the review. Does the reviewer answer the three questions in your textbook: what is being attempted? have the intentions been achieved? and was the attempt worthwhile? Did they follow appropriate guidelines from the Critical Review Guidelines posted in the Course Information folder? Lastly, copy and paste the link so I can read the review.

part 2

For your Blog this week, you should discuss what you learned while navigating through www.USConstitution.net. Is this a good resource to underscore your knowledge of the structure of the United States government? Why or why not? Be as specific as you can within your Blog. Go to the Individual Blog button to post your Blog. (around 300 word)



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