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enterprise architecture frameworks: Zachman Framework

Must USED Sources:

Agile digital-Z. Framework.pdf

EA model using Z Framework.pdf

Leveraging the Zachman framework implementation.pdf


Readings: Zachman – The_Framework_for_EA_Background_Description_and_Utility.pdf

Purpose of this Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your research skills, analysis, and critical thinking skills to describe one of the enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks. This will provide you an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the frameworks commonly used. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes:


Select one of the enterprise architecture frameworks listed below:

Research and write a paper that describes the chosen framework. Your description will include:

Your paper will be graded on both the accuracy and completeness of your description. Please be mindful of how you research and provide on-line sources.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (not counting any cover sheet or reference pages). The use of at least three external scholarly resources (other than class materials) is required. (NOTE: More than three external resources are required to receive all possible points; see Grading Rubric below.)You should use scholarly journals (rather than Wikipedia and authorless website postings). If you need assistance with determining what a scholarly journal is, the UMUC library is a very good source of information, accessed Remember to correctly cite and reference all sources using APA format.



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