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This week we will be discussing the two readings you had from last week: the first chapter of Wired for Story and “My First and Second Language” by Omar Sakr.

Please answer the following questions for both readings. Your answers must be specific, and show that you have critically read both pieces. (Remember: please use your annotation worksheets to help you write your answers to these questions.)

  1. What was the author’s main point (thesis)? What are two specific pieces of evidence/support the author provides in support of their thesis? Why did you pick them?
  2. What is the most important point to you that the author makes? Why is it important? (You can make connections to yourself or to the wider world at large.)
  3. Does the author successfully engage their audience? Why or why not?
  4. Are there any connections that you can make between yourself or your own learning and what the author’s spoke of?
  5. What was your big takeaway or AHA moment from this video? Why did you connect with it?
  6. What was one or two questions that you had for each piece that you wanted to ask the class?


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