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Examine the primary sources in the McGraw-Hill textbook for Module 4. In the Primary Source Discussion Board Forum, your thread must address one of the following questions:

  1. Using specific examples, explain which primary source is most interesting to you and why.
  2. Using specific examples, identify the purpose of the 1924 Immigration Act and explain why it was significant to American society.
  3. Using specific examples, identify at least two provisions from The Klansman’s Manual and explain why they would have been appealing to many Americans in the 1920s.

Each thread must be 200–250 words and demonstrate specific knowledge of the primary sources in the case study. In addition to the thread, reply to the threads of at least two classmates. Each reply must be 75–150 words. Show respect for other students’ opinions. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade on this assignment. Your grade will be based on the quality of the content of your posts as well as the quality of your writing.

As your participate in the Primary Source Discussion Board Forum, keep in mind Luke 1:1–4—“Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us, just as those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word have handed them down to us, it seems fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you in consecutive order…so that you might know the exact truth about the things you have been taught.” In these verses, we can find guidance in how to approach the study of history. Note Luke’s emphasis on sources (“eyewitnesses”), meticulous study (“having investigated everything carefully”), and pursuit of the truth (“so that you might know the exact truth”). As Christian scholars, we need to approach our subjects with integrity and base our conclusions on careful research and solid evidence.



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