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Please respond to the following questions. Answer each with a minimum of 350 words and appropriate references. No cover sheet or reference page required. Just add the reference to the specific question.

(1) In a heavily debated City Council meeting, one year ago, Cobb County learned that by buying larger garbage rucks it could reduce labor cost for garbage removal. Note: All the dollar amounts below ae in this year’s (present) dollars.

-The cost of the trucks today (one year later) is $400,000

-The annual savings in this year’s dollars is $90,000

-The trucks will last for four years and then will be sold for $100,000

-The city can borrow money at a 7% discount rate to purchase the trucks

-Inflation for the next four years is expected to average 3%

*Assuming the cost and benefits are incurred at the end of the year, should the city buy the trucks.

(2) Discuss at what point an administrator should decide when the product should be terminated during the life cycle analysis. Justify your responses with reasons and an example.

(3) Discuss two to three (2-3) actions an administrator should review consistently to alleviate over budgeting and maintenance costs of a capital project.



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