I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

At the top of your Answer write the text of the question you chose. Answers should have at least three paragraphs (a minimum of 15 sentences.) Then include the page number(s) in the textbook where you found information about your question. Just to make this a little easier, you do not need to include APA style citations or references in your discuss board. Answers to each question are found in the book. You may supplement textbook information using personal experiences, internet sites, journal articles, or books. You may not copy and paste answers or responses from sources. Answers and responses must be written by you. Please put your name at the bottom of each answer and response to help me keep the scores straight.

Chapter 8 Powerpoint: https://troy.instructure.com/courses/55093/files/3…

Pdf of book is attached.



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