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Lesson 6

Activity 1: Formative UX Inspection of Your System

With your team complete Exercise 13-1

Activity 2: Formative Evaluation of System

With your team complete Exercise 14-1: Formative UX Evaluation Preparation for Your System

Activity 3: Evaluation Data Collection of System

With your team complete Exercise 15-1: UX Evaluation Data Collection for Your System

You will send some of your team to another project group and they will send members to your group. This will give you outside eyes on your prototype.

Analyze your data and compile a list of design issues or changes.

Activity 4: Designing the next iteration

Based on the formative evaluation, work with your team to make the next iteration of your project. This will take time and may include meeting extra time out of class.

The second iteration will move to a more interactive model. This could be a model that has some of the features that you especially want to test but not necessarily all.

Decide specifically what you want to test with this iteration.



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