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Write 750 to 1100 words (3 to 4 pages), double-spaced with 1-inch margins, addressing the following questions, based on the results of your completed exercises and your reflections on the reading from the textbook. Your paper should be formatted in APA style with a title page, references page, citations, and headings, as identified by each bold-faced point below. You are required to include citations from both the textbook and at least one other reputable source.

1.Top Stressors: Identify the top two or three stressors in your life. Try to include an acute one, as well as a more chronic stressor. Describe the intensity and duration of the stressor to support whether it is acute or chronic.

2.Contributing Factors: What are the contributing factors to the stressors? Provide context, such as cultural or sociological factors.

3.Health: Which aspect of your health do the stressors impact? Physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual? Include any physical symptoms, emotional responses, mental, and/or spiritual health issues.

4.Stress Theory: An acute stressor will trigger the stress response and chronic stress may lead to disease. Describe how this happens using theory to explain the stress response and the general adaptation syndrome. How might this apply to the stressors you are experiencing and probable effects on your health?

5.Stress versus Post-Traumatic Stress: Describe the difference between the stress response to stressors and post-traumatic stress response (disorder) to trauma. What kind of stressors lead to the different kinds of responses (flight, fight, freeze)?

6.Resilience: What does resilience mean? How would you describe your resilience to stress? The textbook states that “relationship, values, and purpose in life are the primary aspects of human spirituality. Most every stressor involves one or more of these aspects” (Seaward, 2017, p. 95). What are your thoughts about this? Is it congruent with your experience and, if so, how? How might these aspects be related to resiliency or stress-resistant personalities?

7.Conclusion: Discuss one to three stressors and/or stress responses that you would like to work on as a result of the work you have completed so far in this course.



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