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Determine your stance and construct a thesis statement that will reflect the focus of your essay. This thesis will drive your ideas.

Find two academic resources that support your stance. Find one academic resource that counters your position.

Follow the writing process to construct a 3 to 5 page persuasive essay that explains the “why” of your position and acknowledges the counter position. You must include a Reference Page, but it does not count as one of the 3 to 5 pages.

the presentation:

Determine your stance and recognize the audience (as noted in the topic chart). Your presentation will be focused on that particular agency, so you would want to research that agency to educate yourself about your audience.

Using the resources you found in your research, construct a formal, persuasive presentation that reviews four important points about your issue.

The presentation should have a variety of graphics, including a chart or a graph, and should be visually organized in a professional manner. It should also include a Reference Page that shows the reference citations for your topic research and your audience research.

Course Project

Practicing Persuasive Writing

Write a reflection: You will answer the following questions in complete paragraphs (one paragraph per set of questions, four paragraphs total).

1. What are the components of a successful persuasive piece and how did you implement these components in your own project?

2. What did you learn from researching a specific audience for the PowerPoint presentation? How did this help you to construct your project?

3. Choose one source to explain in a well-developed paragraph, including an explanation of its relevance to your project and its credibility.

4. In a paragraph, explain how your presentation differs from, and is similar to, your persuasive essay.