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ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: Each student will submit a research paper (6-8 pages of actual content) that answers the following questions:

In your opinion, and supported by substantial research,

IDENTIFICATION OF TOPIC: Please send an email with your proposed topic of study.

In the email, please include a brief description of the topic and discuss why it is of interest to those in the field of higher education. Do not begin your research until you receive permission to study this topic.

FORMAT OF ASSIGNMENT: Your writing should produce a 6-8 page paper (actual content). Your paper must include the following sections:

Please prepare a double-spaced document using New Times Roman size 12 font. DO NOT submit your paper in a PDF document. Please submit your paper in doc or docx format. You must cite at least 8 research articles (professional journals, publications, etc., in APA style). Other sources may be used as well. All sources should be current – within the last 5-7 years of the publication date.

If you use Internet sources, such an article from an online journal, please make certain to include the web address for the source in the appropriate citation on the reference page of your paper. Use the APA Manual for proper in-text and reference citation format. References are cited on a separate page at the end of the paper.

It is mandatory that your assignment be clear, understandable and well-written. Use good sentence structure, proper word usage, and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.