I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

Hello TOPIC is on INTERNET OF THINGS and have to write about 12-15 pages, with peer reviewed articles. Please answer all these questions relating to IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) and also please include Background, goal as well. Conclusions are mentioned.


Margins, Line spacing, Paragraph spacing,Page numbering .For body text, you should use 12-point Times New Roman. Text for the cover page may be larger but should not exceed 14-point size. Title page, heading , sub and sub sub headings must be mentioned.


Why is there a problem? What groups or individuals are affected?

• How far-ranging is the problem and how great is its impact?

What’s the benefit of solving the problem?

What has been tried without success to correct the situation?

Why weren’t those attempts successful?

What are the consequences of not solving the problem?

How does the goal of your study address the research problem and how will your proposed study offer promise as a resolution to the problem?

• How will your research add to the knowledge base?

• What is the potential for generalization of your results? What is the potential for original work?