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Reading Responses

These responses/reflections (one-two page) are not simply summaries of the articles or lectures but include each student’s own perspective, what was unique or valuable, and concerns the student might have with the application in practice. Late submissions will receive a 10% deduction each day they are late.

Demonstrate careful reading, synthesize what you learned,

and apply those lessons to a relevant, everyday experience.
The best responses have personal stories tied to the
reading/lecture material.


1. Marcus, C. (1974). “House as Symbol of Self,” in Lang, Jon, ed., Designing for human behavior: architecture and the behavioral sciences, Stroudsburg, PA: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, p. 130-146.

2. Desmond, M. (2016), “Home and Hope” in Evicted, p. 292-313

3. A Pattern Language: 109, Long Thin House

4. A Pattern Language: 127 Intimacy Gradient; 133 Staircase as a Stage