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Question #1:

What are some of the reasons that male factor infertility might be overlooked? What are steps and changes that can be done to bring this to the forefront?

Question #2:

Women experience two types of aging – one related to chronological lifespan, and one related to aging of the reproductive tract, namely, the ovary. With advancing age comes diminishment of the ovarian follicle pool, and with it, the inability to maintain the hormonal balance associated with the reproductive cycle. As menopause ensues, circulating levels of FSH increase, while levels of estrogen decrease, and a myriad of health consequences arise. These range from temporary, such as hot flushes, to more serious, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Thus, along with a decline in fertility, the hormonal imbalance that accompanies this is detrimental to female health. For this post, please evaluate female infertility in the context of aging, as it pertains to both infertility and also the aging of the reproductive tract and menopause.

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