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(This entire first page can be deleted after you review the guidelines. Your paper should begin with the title page that follows.)

Review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document to see how your paper will be scored.

Be sure to follow APA format when providing references. If you have questions on APA formatting, you can check the Purdue OWL website or seek help from the SNHU Writing Lab.

Notes on APA in a Formal Assignment

Be sure to replace the guidelines text with your own writing.

MAT 140 Milestone Two: Second Practice Problem Walkthrough

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Southern New Hampshire University

Prove the identity:

[When you are finished, delete this text and the guidelines in the table below.]



Use this template to indicate your answer. You can create more rows if necessary. Indicate each step of your process in this column

Defend your process by identifying the appropriate explanation for each process step in this column.

Remember to:

  • Identify the problem statement.
  • Correctly use appropriate identities and/or theorems.
  • Correctly use the algebraic process.
  • Identify the final statement.