Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Carol Kinsey Goman, a body language expert, wrote a book titled The Nonverbal Advantage in which she discusses how nonverbal communication can build trust and credibility with customers, colleagues and clients. In the below video clip about her book, she discusses four secrets to using body language effectively (i.e., the gaze, the head tilt, body orientation, and mirroring). After watching the video, answer the below questions.

All information needed to respond comes from your text book readings and, in some circumstances, information provided in the Discussion assignment. Unless otherwise noted, do not consult outside resources to shape your answers. Answer questions using only the material you read in the chapter and your personal knowledge/experience/opinions.

1. Consider the four secrets.

a. Which of the secrets do you most agree with? Explain and discuss why for each separately.

b. Which of the secrets do you particularly not agree with? Explain and discuss why for each separately.

*Note: If you strongly agree with all of the secrets, part a will become worth up to 50 points since there would be nothing to address in part b.

2. In your opinion, do these secrets make you more aware of your own body language? Explain and discuss why or why not.

3. In your opinion, how could you use this information in your work life? Explain and discuss. If your answer is that the information cannot be used, explain and discuss why.