I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

First, make sure you are good at Art Designing and Theatre or Drama area before you bid this work! Here are the original requirements about this work.

In Chapter 5, designers and design are the focus. What appeals to YOU in the world of design, and why? In the Module is a folder labeled “Design Samples.” View all the clips in this folder, and answer the following question:

Of all the samples you viewed, which do you think has the most effective overall design, and why? What is it about the costumes, set, lighting, hair, makeup, etc. that stands out as noteworthy to you? (Remember to back up your opinions with specific examples.)

The Chapter mentioned above is from the book ‘Theatre in Your Life 3rd Edition – Robert Barton’, and I have already uploaded the book below for you. And I also uploaded the samples of the video clips below.

This work must be your original work! This work is very important to me, so quality must be ensured.

Looking forward to your high quality work!