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Be careful with plagiarism

Use APA format and include headings.

Describe a national or a local non-governmental organization that promotes health and wellness for a culturally diverse population. Identify the population in your post.

Primary reference must be from peer-reviewed

NURSING journals less than 5 y/o. One other reference may be from

National professional, or governmental, or educational organizations. Supplemental references (.org, .gov,and.edu) and the course

textbook must be used as supplemental references

These textbook must be used as references


Blais K.K. & Hayes, J (2016). Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives(7th ed). Boston, MA: Pearson


Jacobsen, K. H. (2019). Introduction to global health (3rd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Use APA format and include headings.