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As the Release of Information Supervisor, you have been put in charge of purchase of a new Release of Information tracking system. Juggling multiple projects, you must ensure that you manage this project effectively. You recognize the benefit of creating a GANTT chart to keep track of the project milestones and deliverables from the planning phase, through the vendor selection process, and go-live. For this assignment, you will create a GANTT chart that meets the following objectives, as well as provide a written summary that addresses the following:

You may create your GANTT chart in Excel or use a Project Management software of you choice if you have access to one. You can copy the GANTT chart into the WORD document with your written responses, or submit then as two separate files to thus assignment submission link.

Grading Rubric Criteria


GANTTChart Created in Excel or with Charting Software


GANTT chart includes baseline duration of critical path

 GANTT Chart includes all deliverables/milestones
Includes written discussion variances that could cause a delay 10
Includes written discussion of variances that will put project back on track 10
Discussion of how the GANTT chart will be used to manage the project 10
Provide a written defense on how you will use the GANTT chart to gage the success of the project 10