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This is the second time taking this course so attached please find the feedback of the previous presentation attached so you can get an idea of what is to be expected for this project. Please do not over look or over see jury in your comparison/contrast. and please follow the rubric and instructions as well as please read everything it is important.

This presentation will allow you to explore the participants within the judicial process, as well as practice an important skill within the criminal justice field: creating a presentation.

There are many participants within the judicial process. Narrowing your focus to the courtroom, create a presentation that addresses the roles of the courtroom workgroups and assess the relationship among these professionals. These include the judge, jury, prosecutor, and defense counsel.

You may create a presentation in Google Slides (Google Docs), PowerPoint, Prezi, or (with instructor approval) some other presentation tool. Use the notes section or a separate Word document (if your tool does not have a notes section) to provide additional notes for each slide that would be helpful to you during your presentation. For instructions about how to create notes in your presentation, use the Notes in Presentations instructions. Your presentation should include references, as needed, in APA format.

This guide may assist you if you are using PowerPoint. You may also wish to view these videos that demonstrate how to create a PowerPoint presentation with a PC or Mac.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Two Presentation Guidelines and Rubric document.