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1) Podcast #1 Sam Harris – What is technology doing to us?

  1. Before listening to the podcast – summarize your media consumption. What apps do you use? What websites/social media do you use? What streaming services do you use? How much time on these apps/site do you reckon you spend per day? Per week? Do you find this usage fulfilling? A good usage of your time? Why or why not?

Ok now listen to the podcast and answer the following questions


2. Within first 15 min – Mr. Tristan Harris and Sam Harris compare cults to social media platforms. Summarize. What are your thoughts on this?

3. The conversation then turns to discussions about manipulation and ethics. What are your thoughts on their this conversation? Did you ever think of these apps/social media/sites as manipulative?

4. Summarize their conversation on “time well spent” and their ideas about potentially regretting/not valuing your time spent on certain apps/media

5. After listening to this podcast – have your thoughts on certain apps/media platforms like Instagram or Youtube changed? How so?

6. If you do consume this type of media – Instagram/facebook/Netflix/whatever:

Imagine yourself in the distant (hopefully) future and you are on your deathbed, do you think you will regret all the time (added up) you spent on these media platforms? Really reflect this question and avoid the urge to irrationally justify your time.


If you don’t consume this type of media (I don’t believe fyi): What do you think of people that spend hours a day on these types of apps/media?

2) Podcast #2

https://samharris.org/podcasts/forbidden-knowledge/ (Links to an external site.)

1. Describe who Charles Murray is, and why he is so relevant to this conversation?

2. Summarize Murray’s argument regarding Race and IQ

3. Why is Mr. Sam Harris reluctant, skeptical at people who study this topic?

4. Do you think it was a fair interview? Do you think all sides of the argument were considered? Explain your answer

5. Mr. Charles Murray has been deplatformed from speaking engagements, uninvited to speak at universities, and apparently been shunned by a lot of people for this work on race and IQ. What are your thoughts on this?