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please write 2 topic

Topic 1 is a follow-up message

You are now to assume that they called you in for an interview. The interview went well so you would like to send the member(s) of you panel a thank you message. “A follow-up message after an interview is more than a professional courtesy; it’s another chance to promote yourself to an employer.” (Bovee,Thill) In three brief paragraphs, acknowledge the interviewer’s time and consideration, express your continued interest in the position, explain a crucial point that you have reconsidered, and ask for a decision.

Topic 2 is Message of Inquiry

On the day of your interview, close to two weeks ago, you were informed that you will receive an email in less that two weeks containing information in regards to your status. Two weeks have passed and you have not yet received that e-mail.

“If you are not advised of the interviewer’s decision by the promised date or within two weeks, you might make an inquiry.”(Bovee,Thill)

Using the model of direct request, write a message of inquiry to the company you have applied to and been interviewed making an inquiry about your application status.

the total words for both topic is 420 words