I need an explanation for this Art & Design question to help me study.

You are to create a full page newspaper advertisement and present that to the class. It must be computer generated, not a printed ad on notebook paper. This is an individual assignment. You are not working in groups.

You are selling a product of your own creation. You may not use an already copyrighted or trademarked product anywhere in your advertisement. In other words, do not say that you may purchase this product at your nearby Walgreen’s or Walmart store. You must include the price of your product in the advertisement.

Please look at a newspaper and see what types of full page ads it is displaying. You must use color, creative writing, and special art. You may not use trademarked icons or slogans. It is OK for you to go to Google images and find generic images. No famous people or trademarks may be used. Also, make sure all of your words are spelled correctly and that there is no incorrect grammar. Your advertisement must be created in the English language.