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Multimedia Presentation Assignment

With all of the technology at our disposal today, one of the most compelling ways to explain or “sell” new ideas is still orally, in person, in small groups, with a simple set of supporting text and images. We innately respond best to seeing a live human being tell us a “story” of some kind. We are “hardwired” to pay attention to vocal intonation, gestures, and eye contact, and a set of simple, focused images that enhance our understanding of a “story.”

While today it is almost cliché to complain about boring PowerPoint (or similar format) presentations, an effective multimedia presentation can often be the best way to convey ideas to a relatively small group of people.

For this assignment, you will imagine that your supervisor has asked you to give an 8-10 minute presentation about a topic that you are very knowledgeable about to a group of 25 people, including your colleagues, your supervisor, and the VP of the company. Assume that while everyone else in the room has some level of technical knowledge of this general topic, none of them know as much as you do (which is why you were asked to present about this). Make sure you explain why this topic is important, and any relevant background information about the context or development of this idea or this technology, and what the larger implications for this might be in the future.

You may not need to do any additional research for this assignment, so feel free to use the topic of your short journal article from this course, any work from last semester, or research you have done for another class.


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