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2 separate assignments, same class.

Module 04 Written Assignment – Recommendation on a Transcription Contract

You are the Transcription supervisor in a large hospital organization. Your HIM Director is considering outsourcing medical transcription and has asked you to review a Transcription Services contract and evaluate if it meets the basic elements of a contracts and includes all terms that would be needed in contracting with a transcription service. Review the sample contract provide in the pdf.

In a memo format to your HIM Director paper identify where in the sample contract each element of a basic contract is met, formulate what if any additional terms should be considered and why and provide her with your recommendations on using contract for transcription services.

Module 04 Activity – Current Cases

Research current media-related stories to healthcare contract breach violations, through newspapers, radio, T.V., Internet search, etc. -Provide a brief summary paragraph of your research. Consider the case of National Renal Alliance LLC software vendor described in the pdf from the Nashville Post September 20, 2013 or choose one of your own.

Summarize your reviews onto a single Word document, and ensure you’ve taken the time to format your document carefully and in an organized way. Check spelling and grammar, and ensure that this assignment, as any other assignment throughout this course, is an example of your best work.