Help me study for my Powerpoint class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Assignment Content

  1. The local Chamber of Commerce has asked you to speak at the next meeting on your business’ successful social media campaign. They asked you to specifically touch on how social media can be used to make potential customers aware of what the company has to offer.
    Create a 1-page outline of your speaking points on this topic.
    Include the following information:

    • Benefits of social media
    • How social media can be used to promote a company’s services
    • Brief examples

    Note: A student asked “how detailed does the outline have to be?” in a previous class. My response was this:Hi, the outline needs to be something more than just short bullet points with no explanations. But it does not have to be a full “paper” with paragraphs. I am looking for outline bullet points that get the point across. For example, under “How social media can be used to promote a company’s services”:

    • “Social media would help the company” – tells me nothing
    • “This restaurant chain company could use Facebook to send specials out to their customers, and watch Yelp ratings and take action if the ratings drop or customer’s feedback points to an issue” – that would be a good one