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The topic is

{The Impact of Social Media on Human Development}

The assignment instructions:

part A. Your Inquiry Question.

part B: where you topic seems to fall in Bronfenbrenner’s model. For Part B of the assignment, you need to identify in what levels of Bronfenbrenner’s Developmental Systems Model your topic seems to fall (Just about every topic will fall in multiple levels of his model, so describe all the places where it fits.) Here are a few good sites to get basic info. on the levels in his model: https://explorable.com/ecological-systems-theory or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_systems_theory. And you can see the slide posted under “Inquiry Project Information” here: Bronfenbrenners Developmental Systems Model.

Here’s an example of how you might incorporate your topic into Brofenbrenner’s model:


Topic: How does cancer impact human development in adulthood?


Bronfenbrenner’s Model: Contracting cancer can fall into all of the layers of Bronfenbrenner’s model. It will directly impact the individual and their family, which fall into the microsystem, as well as their community and the community resources available to them, their access to healthcare and the quality of the healthcare in the exosystem, laws and policies about health insurance, family medical leave, etc. in the macrosystem, and the time in history in which the person gets sick, in terms of what discoveries, treatments, etc are relevant and available to them, and also how their illness and treatment progresses over time (chronosystem).