I’m trying to study for my Film course and I need some help to understand this question.

“Essay,” asks you to respond in essayform (i.e., with a well-developed argument including an introduction, analysis and conclusion) to a question about a broad concept from the class that connects issues from across lecture, readings and screenings. There will be one essay question on the exam. (50 points for Essay)

Essay question:

According to Lynn Spigel and class lecture/screenings, the introduction of television as a new technology was both “utopian” and “dystopian,” unifying and disruptive to the family and to gender roles in the home. Discuss examples from Spigel’s article of TV’s hopeful and frightful potential. Using specific examples, discuss how The Honeymooners episode, “TV or Not TV?” supports or refutes these arguments.

There is book from Lynn Spigel I upload.

And for the The Honeymooners, please search by yourself. Thank you~

You don’t need to write too much, the most important thing is follow the requirements. please write at lease 1 page. Thank you again.