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Begin your business plan by completing Mission and Vision Statements (step 3) for your proposed business. Include a Company History (step 4) if you are contemplating the purchase of an existing business or franchise. If you are creating a new enterprise, provide the concept in this area.

In each module, you will be asked to provide information relative to the proposed business. It is cumulative in nature and the Business Plan Assignments will add to the final project submission. Therefore, it is important that you review the comments made by your instructor on each submission.

Business Plan Elements

1. Title Page and Table of Contents

2. The Executive Summary

3. Mission and Vision Statements

4. Company History (If you are purchasing an existing business or are looking to expand an existing business)

5. Business and Industry Profile

6. Business Strategy

7. Describe the venture’s product or service

8. Marketing Strategy

9. Location and Layout

10. Competitor Analysis

11. Description of Management Team

12. Plan of Operation

13. Financial Statements

14. Loan or Investment Proposal

15. Conclusion

Vision and Mission Statements

Company History (if you are purchasing an existing businesses only or looking to expand an existing business)