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Case Notes are intended to facilitate class discussion and can be written in any format (bulleted lists, random scribbles, etc.). These are your chance to practice the analytical frameworks (VRIO, 5-forces, CAGE, etc.) in connection with that day’s case. You should also use these to practice problem formulation and providing a recommended course of action (solution). These are graded on effort, not correctness, but should be 2 pages of work in length.

20 points each, earned as follows:

10 pts – Analysis using Frameworks and Concepts from text book

5 pts – Problem Formulation

5 pts – Recommended Actions

Here are the frameworks/concepts to practice. This is the minimum. You can always practice frameworks not listed if you want to improve your abilities in them as well.

Case Notes #1: PESTEL, 5-Forces

Mini-case 3 (page 432 of textbook)