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For a game of your choice, find a video of a complete gameplay walkthrough. Select a few (2-4) scenes from the game that have distinct game play elements and/or story development. Analyze each segment for its musical qualities, as described below. Report the following:

  1. General Game Information:
    • Title of the game
    • Production company, composer
    • Date of release
    • Platform
  2. Game analysis:
    • Genre of the game
    • Short description of the game, characters, story line (if it has one) or any other relevant description
  3. Music Analysis: Provide a link (URL) to youtube video of a game walkthrough
    • Selection of Scenes: List of time stamps of the scenes you chose
    • Describe the main music properties of each scene (style, instrumentation, structure, etc.)
    • Structure analysis: time stamps of sections in each scene that describe the musical form.
  4. Comparative Analysis and Summary
    • How the sections compare to each other?
    • How the music matches to the game.
  5. Optional: Any other observations or comments

It should be presented in a form of a table, such as the one attached