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Journal 1

Discuss the area of wellness you are going to be working to improve. Some things to think about:

– Why did you choose that area?

– How do you plan to improve it? What might your first step be?

-What questions do you hope to answer (specific to this area)?

– Are there any unknowns that you need to explore?

****** thats journal is prepared for the final wellness project so this is part of it. Please answer the questions with 2 paragraph at least thank u *** i upload a powerpoint for taking an idea about the class

Journal 2

Things to consider in your Journal:

How did it go this past week?

Do you need anything (resources, ideas, etc.) to start your plan or set your goals? If so, what?

If you took the first step in your plan, what was it? How did it feel? If you continue how do you think it will help you improve on your overall goal?

Did you have any setbacks?

** answer this question with 1 – 2 paragraph as well please **

Also I just would like to share the final possess so u kind have idea what is gonna be about please take look for the fallowing instructions


  1. Introduction – Identify the wellness area that you focused on based on the assessment scores. Identify two questions you wish to explore in this area.
  2. Research – Find two research articles on the area you have identified to improve. Summarize the article and indicate how it relates to your selected wellness area. PROVIDE A REFERENCE PAGE AT THE END OF YOUR PAPER!
  3. Methods – What did you do to improve the two areas of wellness? Be specific in the types of activities you did and talk about how these activities did or did not impact your wellness score.
  4. Results – Did your Wellness scores (overall wellness or satisfaction with your wellness) in the two categories you selected improve between the pre- and post-test. How much? Did your overall wellness score improve?
  5. Discussion – Explain any changes in your wellness scores; what factors do you think influenced the results? What could you have done differently and will you continue to make these changes?
  6. Future – How do you plan to apply what you have learned in this class to the future? “One thing I learned from this class about myself is _________________.”