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Please read the article on PAGE 617 then answer the following questions…

Part I.

Please answer Question 1 on page 628: “This essay focuses on the contributions of both Steve Jobs and the less-famous Andy Grignon to the development of the iPhone. What did each contribute to the project overall? How would you assess their relative importance?”

Answer the question in at least 250 words. Be thoughtful. Give consideration to both the straightforward aspects of their contributions as well as more subtle things they added to the project.

Part II.

Please answer question 4 on page 628. “Vogelstein offers many details about both internal rivalries at Apple and Apple’s rivalry with Google. Write an essay about the role of competition in technological innovation.” Please do some online research about this topic. Use the MLA citation method in your answer. The guide is posted online. Your answer should be at least 200 words.

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