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Powerpoint or a video is the best way to present a market presentation plan. You should keep the information simple and visually appealing as to keep the attention of your audience. Have relevant information available on hand in case there’s a question on your data. I would avoid any over-complicated data or info that may confuse your audience. You want to also avoid info that doesn’t support your plan and avoid talking about any subject that could introduce doubt in the data you’re presenting. You want to keep the info in to a format where it can be visually appealing as well. I found that giving the audience charts, graphs and videos will help bring home the points you want them to know. Keep powerpoint presentations short and simple, don’t use too many bullet points. Avoid making your powerpoint presentation the sole support for your presentation. Avoid having a presentation that requires you to read it like by line. The powerpoint presentation should support your message and not ultimately be your message. Your presentation will succeed or fail by how effective your powerpoint presentation is.