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Topic: The Impacts of Perception and Attribution on Organizational Decision-Making at Various Levels

The purpose of this assignment is for you to describe how perception and attribution have impacted organizational decision-making within the music industry. You may choose to present these effects on individual, group, and/or organizational decision-making.

Use any relevant sources (industry or other, along with the Bolman, Deal text) to determine the details of how the music industry has been impacted by perception and attribution related to the symbolic frame.

Think about this week’s readings that focused on the symbolic frame. Describe how perception and attribution related to the symbolic frame affect decision-making within your organization or industry at the individual, group, and/or strategic level. Provide both positive and negative impacts.

APA formatting, proper in-text citations, and references are required as applicable.

Readings & Resources

Bolman, L.G., & Deal, T.E. (2017). Reframing Organizations. (6th ed.) San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.

This week we are jumping ahead to Part Five (we will go back to Part Four in Week 5). These chapters explore the importance of organizational symbolism and the art of developing desired perceptions and alternate approaches.

Optional Resources:

The text below is only supplemental and the readings in this book are completely optional. This book is helpful if you have been away from the world of organizational behavior for a long time and need a refresher on terms, concepts, etc… These chapters explain how structure, culture, and change contribute to organizational behavior. This chapter focuses on paving a path to more innovative individual decision making that will produce optimized results instead of those that just satisfice.

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2018). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. (14th ed.). New York, Pearson.

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