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The elements of story can be bold or boring, factual or fiction, and may give rise to a call for action or may leave a listener uninterested and disengaged. Speeches are one form of storytelling where a listener is engaged through sight, sound, and context inherent in the power of “pull.”

To Prepare

By Day 3

Post an evaluation of the purpose, the context, and the words, phrases, metaphors, and symbols that you felt were particularly effective in their stories.

Required Readings

Simmons, A. (2006).
The story factor: Inspiration, influence, and persuasion through the art of storytelling (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: Perseus.

  • Chapter 4, “How to Tell a Good Story” (pp. 83–104)
  • Chapter 6, “Sound Bite or Epic?” (pp. 133–156)
  • Chapter 9, “Storyteller’s Dos and Don’ts” (pp. 199–218)

Required Media

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