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1) Songs:

• An old song that is still relevant today

• A song that makes a statement about identity

• An instrumental song that you like

• A song that reminds you of your childhood

• The most beautiful song in the world

• A song you like from a style of music you generally dislike

• A song that reminds you of home

• A song that makes you feel rebellious

• A song you know all of the lyrics to

• A song with a message the whole world needs to hear

• A song you like by a local artist (can be local to where you are from)

• The saddest song you’ve ever heard

• A song that makes you feel excited/energetic

• A song that tells a story you like

• A grandparent’s favourite song (or someone you know who is 65+)

2) Mixtape cover:

Give your mixtape a title and create an original mixtape cover. You may take a photograph, draw or

paint, collage, or digitally create an image. Sampling is allowed, but the final cover must be your own

creation and, like the collection of songs in the mixtape, it should represent something about yourself.

3) Liner Notes:

For each song, write 200-250 words explaining your choice. Include a reference page at the end.

Submission Formats

You may submit this project in one of several ways:

Text document: Each page should list the category, the song/artist/album/year, and 200-250 words.

Powerpoint/Prezi: Combine text and audio/video elements using presentation software.

Mixtape: Go old school and burn a CD/create a CD booklet that contains all the requisite information.