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4.4 Civil Liberties/Civil Rights Discussion Board (GRADED DISCUSSION)

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Civil Liberties/Civil Rights Discussion Board


Part 1:

How does the U.S. Constitution protect the civil rights and civil liberties of Americans?

When can or should the majority limit the civil liberties, such as free speech, of an unpopular/minority/fringe individual or group? Why?

In addition to the use of your course materials (below), your response must include direct references, including citations, to at least two of the four presenters in the following TED radio hour, “The Right to Speak”:

https://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/632611360/the-right-to-speak?showDate=2018-07-27 (Links to an external site.)

Part 2:

Give a contemporary political example illustrating the current state of civil liberties or civil rights in the United States. Be sure to explain, specifically, the relevance of your example to civil liberties or civil rights as depicted in this course. Use your e-text and cite your sources.

Part 3:

Reply, thoughtfully, to the postings of at least two of your colleagues.

Source Material:

Tips for Success:

Grading Rubric:

Part 1:

10 points

Part 2:

4 points

Part 3:

4 points

Writing Mechanics:

2 points

Total possible:

20 points