Can you help me understand this Economics question?

Last time,the summary paper you wrote for the final research paper was good, but we just need to be more specific,we do not need general points. Here is feedback basic on your summary :

It’s great that you’ve done so much reading and thinking about your topic. But the assignment was to summarize a single paper’s main points in depth then talk about how it affected your thoughts on your topic (you did do this second part).

For example,you may want to say “Which two countries ?”“ Which trade policy?”“ How does the trade policy impact the household ? “ Which household ? Are they working-class ? “ ”Investmenter ? “ You also say both advantage and disadvantage sides on the summary paper, which is good. But, we just need to talk about 1 side, either advantage or disadvantage. One trade policy is ok, but please go deep, be more specific.

Please follow the instruction above,write 2 pages proposal for presentation. In this paper,I want to see you put instruction background,summary the topic right way and clear thesis on first paragraph. And use some DATA to support your opinion in body paragraph, also the conclusion will be the last paragraph.