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Review the included ISACA built risk case. You will need to complete the tasks identified in the later part of these slides labeled To Do. Re-evaluate the probability and risk level for all of the rows in table 2. When you make your decision on the new probability rating, you will need to justify this with one to two peer reviewed articles. When you identify the new risk level, you will need to identify two to three peer reviewed articles as examples or sources to justify the changes. Don’t just move it up or down, use current news and trends with similar companies to justify why you moved or even kept it the same. For each item, run a Quantitative or Qualitative risk analysis for a proposed mitigation. In other words, find a fix for each item and put a price tag with it. Decide what items are in budget and make your choice. You will add three new columns to table 2, one will be a proposed mitigation plan with budget and risk level from the FAIR methodology, and the second column will be if your risk decision (accept, mitigate, transfer, avoid). You will also need to answer the 10 discussion questions at the end of the slides and submit those with your spreadsheet, either as a second page with answers in the cells or as separate document.