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Telehealth Telehealth is becoming very popular in many areas, giving patients access to quality care when they need it. Previously, telehealth was reserved for remote areas, but we are seeing a shift in care so that these health services are available to many people that need them. However, this system presents several challenges. Suppose that a patient, provider and telehealth proxy are all in different states. If there is a malpractice claim, which state should it be filed in? What about licensure of these professionals – should providers be licensed in additional states where they provide telehealth services? Include how you believe this additional human computer interaction could or could not change the face of health care. Are there any usability factors to be considered in implementation of telehealth systems?

Your APA formatted assignment of 600 – 750 words is due by Midnight Sunday, EST. Be sure to include a title page, at least one peer-reviewed reference, and a references page. Your assignment must be written in third person.

Required Textbooks:

  1. Balgrosky, J. (2011). Essentials of health information systems and technology. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 9781284036114