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Learning Objective 1: Understand the nature of race, social class, gender, and sexuality as social systems.

1) Discuss how domination and subordination along race, social class, gender, and sexuality lines become structured by institutions within the three domains: the ideological, the political, and the economic.

Learning Objective 2: Understand why race and racism are still a part of contemporary social life.

2) Discuss Desmond and Emirbayer’s definition of race as a social construct.

Given the argument about race as a”symbolic category,” discuss what roles phenotype and ancestry play.

Learning Objective 3: Understand social class through a gendered lens.

3)How has social class formation and the maintenance of class status been gendered over time?

Learning Objective 4: Understand how constructions of sexuality evolve as changes occur in the larger economy and as medicalization and the scientific study of human behavior alter our understanding of sexuality.

4)Compare and contrast “Before Heterosexuality: Early Victorian True Love, 1820-1860” with “Late Victorian Sex-Love, 1860-1892.”

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