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WEEK 3 – Getting Started

This particular assignment seems to cause problems for many, so I want to help you get started.

READ YOUR Module 3 Discussion Guidelines and Rubrics to be sure you fulfill all required elements of the assignment. I use the Critical Elements for grading.

Although this is a Group Discussion, each of you will submit your work individually, then discuss how you came to your selection. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK AND DISCUSSION. You cannot simply say “I got F” or “My answer is J”. This is not one submission per group.

The assignment reads as follows: Reading it carefully and following sequenced steps will help

Ten projects are being considered by the QM team (A though J). Based on team member preferences (below) if a single vote is held, project D will be selected. The chair wants to consider team member preferences beyond simply their first choice. Use a multi-voting process and assign three points to each member’s first choice, two points to the second, and one point to the third. After the first vote, options that receive fewer than three points should be eliminated and the remaining options revoted. In subsequent rounds, two points will be given to the first choice and one point to the second. Continue to eliminate low vote tallying options until all but two options have been eliminated. On the final vote each team member will get a single vote worth one point. Which option will be selected?

QM Team Preference


D, I, B, C, A, F, E, J, H, G


A, C, E, F, G, J, D, H, I, B


H, G, E, D, B, I, J, A, C, F


D, I, F, A, E, G, B, C, H, J


B, G, A, J, H, C, F, E, I, D


To get started, perhaps set up a table that includes all of the 10 Options and the first three options:


3 Points

2 Points

1 Point













In Round One, you are to eliminate any that total less than 3. That means that only some of the Options in Round One would be carried forward to the Second Round Vote

Set up a similar table for Round 2 utilizing the Points identified in the Problem above. Tally, and then continue to eliminate Options that fall short. You should arrive at an answer in Round 3