I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

1. Fully state the Question before offering your response.

How and why do scholars argue that Africa is the home of the earliest Humans? What is the historical significance to this contention to an understanding of the African Diaspora.

Footnotes & Bibliography References – List your Sources of Information.

2. Cover Page (See the Course Outline & include all of the designations).

3. Introductory Paragraph, Body of the Essay (this can be in multiple paragraphs) & a Concluding paragraph.

4. Listen to the accompanying Videos – The second Video is from South Carolina Television. Program: “For the People.” Host: Listervelt Middleton. Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. Middleton interviews Dr. Chiekh Anta Diop of The University of Dakkar, Senegal who argues on the origin of Humanity. Dr. Diop speaks French but he has a translator. Pay close attention to what the Translator is interpreting.

5. See the notes on the “Mysteries of Mankind” from National Geographic in the attachment