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Discussion Topic

We will use this discussion to generate and respond to working thesis statements for Essay #2.

Greene and Lidinsky present four helpful models for formulating a working thesis:

These thesis models are certainly not the only options available to you, but they do offer ways to enter an academic conversation and make a contribution that extends beyond merely summarizing or echoing someone else’s ideas.

In your initial post, do the following:

In your follow-up posts, respond to at least two classmate’s posts by doing both of the following:

In Essay #2, write an essay that makes a thesis-based argument about education. Your essay must respond specifically to at least one of the assigned articles from Ch. 14. You will choose the audience for your essay, but remember: your job is to “enter the conversation” about education begun by your sources

To complete Essay #2, you will need to read or re-read the assigned articles from Ch. 14 of From Inquiry to Academic Writing. As the Essay #2 assignment explains, your job this week is to respond to at least one of the articles you have read from this chapter.