I need help with a Economics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Based on the readings 3) through 9) in the coursepack (i.e. from CP-3 to CP-9), please answer the following three questions (separately, not as part of one essay):


a) The role of markets VS alternative institutional mechanisms (i.e. householding, reciprocity, redistribution, also referred to as tradition & command)

b) The relationship between the economy and the society (i.e. embedded/disembedded economies).

Include in your answer the following aspects:

a) Motives of economic behavior (i.e. material gain VS other drivers);

b) Price determination (i.e. “just price” VS market price);

c) Organization of manufacturing production (guilds VS capitalist enterprises);

d) Economic targets (i.e. social cohesion/reproduction of the system VS profits/economic growth).

Please do not repeat your answer to question 1); base your answer on CP-9.