I don’t understand this Sociology question and need help to study.

1. Describe the importance of refining a research problem in conceptual development.

2. Identify a client problem, intervention, and outcome you would like to research.

3. Explain the importance of developing a clear and specific research question.

2 paragraphs each. 3-5 sentences per paragraph. NO PLAGIARISM.

Below is what I have so far.

1.Throughout the research process, individuals acquire a surplus of information. Often, there is so much information to be shared, there becomes a need for narrowing down the scope of research to go properly in depth. The actual goal of a research paper is to address and explore a single problem. If topics are too broad, one encounters problems like over generalizations or the need to address every aspect stemming from the problem. Refining a research problem creates manageable barriers for carrying out research.

2. There are statistics that connect teenaged pregnancy to poverty. There are outreach programs such a Making Proud Choices, Project AIM, and Reducing the Risk put in place to prevent becoming a teen parent. An ideal outcome for the issue at hand would be a decrease in the number of teen pregnancies.

3. Creating a clear and concise research question lays the foundation for a thorough research paper. It defines the focus and guides the organization of the paper.